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Origin Material Weight Price1
Germany steel - gm € 278.-

Buddy-Lock  | Buddy-Lock

Buddy-Lock is a very solid device. The cage is resistant to caustic acids, sweat and salt water. The arc of retention is made of steel and does not contain nickel.
Buddy-Lock is made in black, while special colors are also available from the supplier.


Origin Material Weight Price1
UK 316 surgical steel gm £ 700.00

BBCB  | behind barz

Chastity belts and accessories designed and manufactured in the UK by expert craftsmen. Belts are tailor-made from high quality 316 surgical stainless steel for easy hygiene and tasteful and functional design. Range of colours and models available with options to customise and personalise. Totally secure and designed for long term use.


Origin Material Weight Price1
USA - gm $ 650.-

Lockedinsteel  | Locked In Steel

With the steel belt, though locked, you will be unable to satisfy you. Made of brushed stainless steel, they have a silicone coating for extra comfort. The locking mechanism is made of one piece. The belt is made for a long-term use but cleaning is still possible. By cons, escape or get excited, is impossible.

Tollyboy chastity belt

Origin Material Weight Price1
England - gm € 374.-

Tollyboy chastity belt  | TollyBoy

The chastity belt for men follows a standard and a traditional Florentine design. This is a belt with an attached crotch guard which is closed and locked at the center of the waist. The crotch guard includes a tube that is tailor-made.

Dickcage DUO

Origin Material Weight Price1
Switzerland silicone 98 gr gm € 109.-

Dickcage DUO  | Dickcage

Its locking system is very innovative because the tube of the cage is placed inside the ring. The ring is easy to use and fits perfectly with the male anatomy. The tube closes the chastity device.

Birdlocked Classic

Origin Material Weight Price1
Switzerland silicone 88 gr gm € 99.-

Birdlocked Classic  | Birdlocked

This cage is made of one piece. There is no connection between the cage and the ring.
It consists of seven air holes for the daily hygiene and a triangular ring to fit the face of male scotum.

Birdlocked NEO

Origin Material Weight Price1
Switzerland silicone 112 gr gm € 119.-

Birdlocked NEO  | Birdlocked

Cast in one piece, its closure system adapts to many morphologies (from Ø45 to Ø52 mm)
The shape and flexibility of this cage allow easy introduction and provide a great convenience.

Lancelot Classic

Origin Material Weight Price1
Germany inox 170 gr gm € 279.-

Lancelot Classic  | mh-design

The cage is made of woven stainless steel mesh. The individual rings of the mesh have a diameter of 3.6 mm and a thickness of 0.55 mm. The cage is both flexible and adapts to the shape or position. The surface is comfortable against the skin.

HolyTrainer V2

Origin Material Weight Price1
French Biosourced resin 60 gm $ 165.00

HolyTrainer V2  | HolyTrainer

If you are looking for an effective and very discrete chastity device, the HolyTrainer offers you incredible comfort and total safety during use, even over a long period. The HolyTrainer is made of a biosourced resin. As for ergonomics, you just need to look at the ring to understand that its shape is perfectly suited to the male anatomy.

Steelwerks Chastity

Origin Material Weight Price1
Canada Stainless or Titanium 150 gr gm $ 3000.-

Steelwerks Chastity  | Steelwerks

That particular device, along with all of our devices is 100% custom made and is offered in both Stainless or Titanium depending on the budget of the user. Weight is always determined on the end size of the device and there for changes vastly with each and every client. The more material and less ventilation, the more the piece weighs, vice-versa the more ventilation the less the final product will weigh. Stainless in heavier than Titanium, titanium being about 40% lighter and 50% more expensive. On average this cage will weigh in at around 250 grams in Stainless, vs. 175 grams or so in Titanium.

Loris's chastity device

Origin Material Weight Price1
- gm $ 300.-

Loris's chastity device  | Mistress Lori's

The device secures chastity by a steel screw, through a piercing such as Prince Albert. It is possible to custom manufacture.


Origin Material Weight Price1
USA polycarbonate - gm $ 150.-


The ring consists of three parts lock, as the model CB3000. The two guide pins hold the pieces together.


Origin Material Weight Price1
Germany stainless steel 1600 gr gm € 1210.-

Latowski  | Latowski

With the chastity belt, the penis and testicles are protected against intruders. The interior is made of high quality silicone rubber, the surface looks like natural skin. The tube is bent down. When closed, you feel as trapped.

The Bow

Origin Material Weight Price2
Germany - gm € 297.-

The Bow  | Gerecke Keuschheitsgürtel

The chastity belt is made entirely of stainless steel, design and craftsmanship.
Cage is generally curved.

The Dungeon

Origin Material Weight Price2
USA - gm $ 290.-

The Dungeon  | Mature Metal

If you want your man to be able to touch his own penis, this cage is for you. The tube has an oval base ring for comfort and safety.

spiral cock cage

Origin Material Weight Price2
steel - gm £ 250.-

spiral cock cage  | Silver & Steel

The cage is made of solid welded steel spirals. The ring is inserted into the cage and secured to the cage with its lock closure.

The Curve

Origin Material Weight Price2
USA - gm $ 150.-


The curve has the property of having a long tube. The rings consist of three parts which fit together like a lock puzzle. The two guide pins maintain the top pieces together.

Watchful Mistress

Origin Material Weight Price2
USA - gm $ 310.-

Watchful Mistress  | Mature Metal

The Mistress Vigilante is very durable and has an open design on the sides to allow for cleaning without compromising security. It is lightweight and compact. It is easy to hide under clothing for daily use.

Exo Belt

Origin Material Weight Price2
USA - gm $ 200.-

Exo Belt  | Exo Belt

ExoBelt puts pressure on the exoskeleton, and not on your scrotum. Exobelt is very comfortable to wear over time. It is easy to urinate standing or sitting. Exobelt prevents masturbation. This product is made ​​from high strength materials used in prostheses.

Birdlocked Pico

Origin Material Weight Price2
Switzerland silicone 92 gr gm € 119.-

Birdlocked Pico  | Birdlocked

The cage has 17 small silicon tips, which prohibit erection inside the tube. The Picos are flexible but prolonged use causes extreme sensation.

The Desire

Origin Material Weight Price2
Germany 180 gr gm € 297.-

The Desire  | Gerecke Keuschheitsgürtel

The desire is entirely made of stainless steel. The cock ring is round. The length of the curve cage is available in several lengths. The closure system is a welded pin, which passes through the eyelet located on the cage.


Origin Material Weight Price2
USA polycarbonate - gm $ 150.-


the ring has three parts which fit one inside the other. The two guide pins, allows to maintain the parts together.

CS-100 Chastity belt

Origin Material Weight Price2
Germany steel - gm € 369.-

CS-100 Chastity belt  | Chastity Steel

The steel chastity belt for men CB "CS 100" is comfortable with its combination of belt. Its security lock opens only if you have the key. It supports well water and urine.

My-Steel chastity device

Origin Material Weight Price2
Germany steel - gm € 889.-

My-Steel chastity device  | MY-STEEL

The edges are coated with silicone. you can choose different colors. The system connects to the waist with belt, and bands at the crotch. The closure at the waist and in the crotch is regulated individually. The parts offer the ability to adjust in weight fluctuations.

Queens Keep

Origin Material Weight Price2
USA Stainless steel - gm $ 340.-

Queens Keep  | Mature Metal

The Queens Keep is a solid construction, very comfortable and secure. Its design is easily concealed under clothing.


Origin Material Weight Price3
Thaïlande (Asie) Industrial silicone - gm € 118.-

Bon4  | BONbdsm

The cage hangs down slightly. The tube has a shape of penis and can be worn under your pants without being noticed.

The Looker 02

Origin Material Weight Price3
Germany stainless - gm € 359.-

The Looker 02  | Steelworxx

It is a sturdy cage that prevents the stimulation of the glans. This product is manufactured according to your measurements and fits well around your penis.

The Cage

Origin Material Weight Price4
Germany - gm € 203.-

The Cage  | Gerecke Keuschheitsgürtel

All stainless steel, this cage will perfect hygiene!

The Tube

Origin Material Weight Price4
USA Stainless steel - gm $ 290.-

The Tube  | Mature Metal

The Tube keeps locked up as long as you choose. The cage is made ​​of stainless steel. The cage can be built to any size.


Origin Material Weight Price4
USA polycarbonate - gm $ 90.-


PA-5000 is a cage designed to be worn with a "Prince Albert". piercing.Using the piercing it eliminates the need for rings to attach the cage to the body. Several gauges hooks for customization are provided..

The looker

Origin Material Weight Price4
Germany - gm € 409.-

The looker  | Steelworxx

Steelworxx offers a single key for all locks. The blocking is done with a PA, preventing any escape. The cage comes with a cockring anatomy. The tip on the glans allows uncircumcised men to feel more comfortable.

The Arch

Origin Material Weight Price4
Germany - gm € 540.-

The Arch  | Neosteel

The tube steel, arc-shaped leads your penis tightly along the body between your legs at the back towards the anus. In this way, the penis is protected against unauthorized access. The module "The bow" can be adjusted in height in the front.


Origin Material Weight Price4
Belgium - gm € 845.-


It is a very strong belt with a large locking system. The tube completely covers the testicles. Its ventilation holes allow daily flushing without moisture problems.

Jail Bird

Origin Material Weight Price4
USA - gm $ 290.-

Jail Bird  | Mature Metal

This cage is made ​​of stainless steel very rigid. It is not going to bend or pinch. It combines comfort and safety. Its very low profile hides easily under clothing. The open design makes it easy to clean without removing the cage. This helps hold the device indefinitely.